SDM Arena Sandune DK
SDM Arena Sandune DK

SDM Arena Sandune DK

Brand: Orient Bell

Pack of: 5 count

Length: 600 mm

Colour: #B88968

Width: 300 mm

Material: Ceramic

Finish: Matte

Pattern: Plain

Description: The Arena Sandune DK tile gives a rich look while providing amazing features. The tile comes in a dark brown color with an intricate texture of grains of sand that looks elegant! The tile is made of high-quality dark, ceramic material which makes the tile strong and durable and also makes it one of the most popular and a value for money choice. The customer feedback on the tile has been amazing. The beauty of the tile remains consistent for years as the colour and design on the tile are digitally imprinted, which makes them very long lasting! The Arena Sandune DK tile is very low maintenance and does not ask for your attention or efforts, and can be cleaned just by using a wet mop or cloth. The tile is also stain-resistant and scratch-resistant and doesn’t react to any type of chemical or acid spillage. This wall tile can be an eye-catching part of your decor and can be beautifully placed on the walls of your bathroom, kitchen, dining room, balcony, terrace, etc. Moreover, the tile comes in a matte finish which is really beneficial. The matte finish conceals the smudges and the dried water marks and it is less slippery, making your tiles look clean and classy and at the same time being safer due to some friction. Manufactured in the tile size of 300mmx 600mm, the tile can be creatively placed in various patterns. Some of the famous patterns are a brick pattern and straight pattern.

Starting at: 94


4 at 94

1 at 101

15 at 150

2 at 200

3 at 300

5 at 500

6 at 600

7 at 700

8 at 800

9 at 900

10 at 1000

11 at 1100

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14 at 1400

16 at 1600

Subtotal: 94