SDM Arena Sandune LT
SDM Arena Sandune LT

SDM Arena Sandune LT

Brand: Orient Bell

Pack of: 5 count

Length: 600 mm

Colour: #EBE1D3

Width: 300 mm

Material: Ceramic

Finish: Matte

Pattern: Plain

Description: The SDM Arena Sandune LT tile has a very rich sand colour along with having the texture of sand grains which looks really intriguing and is sure to catch the eyes of everyone! The tile looks great with its colour choice of light brown which gives a fresh and summerish vibe to the space. The tile is made of high-quality light, ceramic material which makes it strong and durable to sustain heavy foot traffic. The choice of material also makes the tile the most popular and a value for money choice! The tile can also be clubbed with any other tile to create a highlighting effect and to magnify the beauty of your space. The colour and texture on the tile are digitally imprinted, making them very long lasting, making your space beautiful for years. The Arena Sandune tile comes with a matte finish. The matte finish helps conceal smudges and dried water marks which helps to make your tile look clean and classy all the time. The tile also comes with some added benefits such as being scratch-resistant and stain-resistant and it doesn’t absorb moisture or react to spillage of any type of chemical or acid! Manufactured in the ideal size of 300mm x 600mm, you can creatively lay down this tile in various patterns such as brick pattern and straight pattern. The tile can give a calm and cosy effect to your space.

Starting at: 94


4 at 94

1 at 101

15 at 150

2 at 200

3 at 300

5 at 500

6 at 600

7 at 700

8 at 800

9 at 900

10 at 1000

11 at 1100

12 at 1200

13 at 1300

14 at 1400

16 at 1600

Subtotal: 94