SDH Arador Flora HL
SDH Arador Flora HL
SDH Arador Flora HL
SDH Arador Flora HL

SDH Arador Flora HL

Brand: Orient Bell

Pack of: 5 count

Length: 600 mm

Colour: Cement, Floral

Width: 300 mm

Material: Ceramic

Finish: Matte

Pattern: Floral

Description: Orientbell’s SDH Arador Floral HL is one of the most good looking tiles that gives an attractive look to the place. This tile is crafted with digital and ceramic materials along with the finishing of matte. The brown shade in the background ensures the place gets a luxurious look. It comes with a classy design on it. One can club this tile with any other plain tile to give a highlighting effect. The tile is resistant to stains and scratches and can be cleaned by using a wet mop or cloth. You don't need to spend much time and money on maintaining the tile. Also, the unique design of the tile makes it suitable for places such as your bathroom and kitchen. So, it is an appropriate choice if you're looking for tiles which are suitable for areas where there is a lot of water usage.

Starting at: 94


4 at 94

1 at 101

15 at 150

2 at 200

3 at 300

5 at 500

6 at 600

7 at 700

8 at 800

9 at 900

10 at 1000

11 at 1100

12 at 1200

13 at 1300

14 at 1400

16 at 1600

Subtotal: 94