SDH Arena Flora HL
SDH Arena Flora HL

SDH Arena Flora HL

Brand: Orient Bell

Pack of: 5 count

Length: 600 mm

Colour: Floral

Width: 300 mm

Material: Ceramic

Finish: Matte

Pattern: Floral

Description: The SDH Arena Flora HL tile is a beautiful piece of highlighter tile that will bloom up your space with its charm. The tile has a design of flowers with shades of brown and white. This interesting combination of colours can look really artistic! The tile gives a contemporary vibe and can be an eye-catching part of your residential or commercial space decor. The tile is made of high-quality material, which makes us stand on our word of its durability and strength. The Arena Flora HL tile is a highlighter tile and can be clubbed with any other tile to create a highlighting effect that only magnifies the beauty of the space! The tile is very low maintenance and can be cleaned easily just by using a wet mop or cloth! Moreover, the tile is scratch-resistant and stain-resistant and it does not absorb moisture as well making it an ideal choice for your bathroom and kitchen walls! The tile can be beautifully placed on the walls of your dining room, balcony, terrace, lift lobby, accent walls, etc. Manufactured in the ideal tile size of 300mm x 600mm, you can creatively lay down this tile in various patterns such as a brick pattern and straight pattern, to name a few.

Starting at: 94


4 at 94

1 at 101

15 at 150

2 at 200

3 at 300

5 at 500

6 at 600

7 at 700

8 at 800

9 at 900

10 at 1000

11 at 1100

12 at 1200

13 at 1300

14 at 1400

16 at 1600

Subtotal: 94